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Our In-Bore MRI Infotainment System, Designed To Redefine The Patient MRI Experience

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Medical & Health

An MRI Scan
Experience That Is
Actually Pleasant

MRI scans can be a claustrophobic, anxiety-inducing, and often a boring ordeal. To solve this, Inertia worked with Innovere Medical to redefine the MRI experience with an in-bore infotainment solution. The final product allows patients to watch videos with sound while receiving their MRI scan.

An MRI Scan Experience That Is Actually Pleasant

Safety & Security

Setting The
Standard For
Infant Car Seats

The Clek Liing is a state of the art infant car seat that sets a new standard for comfort and safety. It includes innovative, best-in-class safety features like a metal load leg, and a two-piece shell lined with EPP foam for enhanced side-impact protection in the event of a collision.

Agriculture & Food

A Hydroponic
Farm, Fit for
Your Living Room

The AEVA is a modern, sleek, indoor hydroponic garden system designed with sustainability in mind, and able to provide fresh food all year round. It has the ability to grow over 200 different plant types, and provide up to 10 lbs of fresh, pesticide-free produce on a monthly basis.


A Vacuum Trailer,
Ready To Clean Up

The DuroVac does the same work as two vacuum trucks, all on its own. It’s capable of moving 7 tons an hour of whatever material needs moving. And instead of leaving the job-site to be emptied like a traditional vacuum truck, the DuroVac empties directly into a conventional waste bin.

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