Autonomous Disinfecting Robot


Inertia (Internal Concept)

Services Provided:

Market Research, Concept Exploration, Industrial Design, Workflow Analysis, Mechanical Engineering, CAD Modeling, Product Renderings.



As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the world in spring of 2020, Inertia sought out various ways to help through our product development skills. The result was a concept for an autonomous disinfecting robot that could help clean high-traffic areas such as airports, food courts, or malls during closed hours.

Along with one of our manufacturing partners, we experimented with various use-case scenarios, determined the necessary functional requirements, and defined the ideal product-market fit. From there we were able to engineer the unit’s basic capabilities and design an aesthetically pleasant product that effortlessly delivers on our original goal.

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The Final Product

Concept Development In The Velocity Lab

Follow our journey from low fidelity mock-ups to high-fidelity functional prototypes.

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