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La Chevre

Nexus Robotics engaged Inertia Product Development to help design and manufacture an autonomous, AI-powered weed-picking robot.  Roughly the size of a minivan, and affectionately called “La Chevre”, the driverless robot uses cameras and its neural network to selectively pick weeds without damaging a farmer’s crops.

Designed for vegetable farmers, La Chevre is invaluable when herbicides are either ineffective or undesired in managing weed encroachment. Automated weed picking also results in improved crop yields at a significantly lower cost per acre / per year  than traditional manual labour methods can deliver.

Beyond its picking capabilities, La Chevre is constantly learning and feeding data back into its neural network. Capable of working around the clock, La Chevre collects data from the crop at all stages of growth and records growing conditions throughout the season. This information empowers the farmer to make efficient and timely decisions relating to soil fertility and disease remediation.

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