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Battery-free IoT Leak Detector



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Product Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Prototyping, Testing, Manufacturing Support, Packaging Design, Front-End & Back-End Development, Grant Partnership Support

AquaSensing Behind Toilet Full Sized

Leak Sensor

AquaSensing’s Leak Sensor is a low-cost, battery-free, environmentally friendly IoT leak detection solution designed to remain operational for 20+ years without any maintenance.

The end-user receives a real-time alert via a companion app, when the energy harvested from water droplets power a SoC-based Bluetooth beacon, with long range wireless connectivity, through a Cloud-connected gateway.

A sophisticated on-chip power management system enables Leak Sensor’s small form factor, low energy consumption and long-range coverage.  These combined features make it easy to install in remote, inaccessible locations, and well-suited for large scale deployments such as high-rise construction projects and commercial properties such as hospitals and hotels, while being highly attractive to insurance companies seeking to prevent costly water damage claims for any of their clients.

In addition to product development and manufacturing services, Inertia has supported AquaSensing in developing grant proposals, fast-tracking the rate at which this innovative, first-of-its-kind product can reach the marke

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