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Industrial Design, User Interface Design, Workflow Analysis, Prototyping, Mechanical Engineering, CAD Development, and Mechanical Component Manufacturing & Supply


V4C-560 Ventilator

Baylis engaged Inertia to develop the industrial design of an accessory for the V4C-560 Ventilator. This ventilator is based on Medtronic’s PB560 ventilator design made available through a globally-granted permissive license. The ventilator is compact, lightweight and portable, and provides airway support for both children and adults.

The ventilator was originally calibrated to provide oxygen saturation up to a maximum of 50 percent. However, the severity of respiratory symptoms brought on by COVID-19 at times required a ventilator that could provide a higher percentage of oxygen. Instead of creating a new ventilator, Baylis engaged Inertia to help design and manufacture an accessory that would allow the V4C-560 ventilator to provide up to 100% oxygen saturation when necessary.

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