Ergonomic Active Sitting Chair


Core Chair
Services Provided:
Product Architecture, Industrial Design, User Interface Design, Mechanical Engineering, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), CAD Development, Prototyping, Testing, Manufacturing Support, Packaging Design, Animations
CoreChair Product Shot at Desk


CoreChair is a revolutionary new product that reduces back pain in desk workers through ergonomic “active sitting”, creating optimal posture and encouraging movement.

CoreChair initially engaged Inertia to design its key differentiating feature – a reliable mechanism enabling variable resistance when tilted in all directions. This critical part needed to be designed in a way that could be manufactured affordably at scale. The custom designed mechanism not only met manufacturing targets but exceeded standard chair reliability tests by more than 3x.

The project was extended to include designing the chair’s remaining components including the seat, backrest, base and more. Inertia also proved to be a valued partner in the manufacturing process.

The result is an extremely comfortable, durable chair that addresses the cause, rather than symptoms of slouching. It is medically and academically endorsed and continues to receive rave reviews from its customers and the media for its comfort and numerous health benefits.

Concept Development In The Velocity Lab

Follow our journey from low fidelity mock-ups to high-fidelity functional prototypes.