Case Study: Inertia's Customized Manufacturing Process Strategy for a Medical Device Start-Up

<b>The Challenge:</b> Beyond Conventional Prototyping
Confronted with the production of 50 units for Siemens’ pre-market validation, a medical device start-up faced significant obstacles. Traditional prototyping methods were either financially unfeasible or unable to meet stringent quality standards, presenting a complex puzzle that demanded a novel approach.
<b>Inertia's Innovative Solution:</b> Tailored Manufacturing Process Strategy

Inertia’s intervention was not just a single-process solution, but a comprehensive suite of varied manufacturing strategies tailored to each component. This ‘manufacturing process strategy’ is unique to Inertia, setting us apart from competitors who typically offer limited options. We assessed each component’s requirements considering investment, piece price, and lead times, and then selected the most suitable process from our diverse arsenal.

<b>Precision Execution</b> With Diverse Techniques

Our execution involved orchestrating 130 unique components across 11 different materials, involving 99 tools and 33 inspection fixtures, all managed within a 12-week timeframe. This feat was achieved through a blend of processes, including but not limited to Rapid Injection Molding, demonstrating our capability to adapt and innovate across various manufacturing techniques.

<b>Impressive Results:</b> Rapid Production Meets High Quality

The outcome was remarkable – the first production part was completed in 6 weeks, with the entire batch of 33,910 parts delivered in 12 weeks. This success was underpinned by our ability to maintain the high-quality standards required by Siemens, a testament to the effectiveness of our multi-faceted manufacturing approach.

<b>Adaptability And Quality:</b> Meeting And Exceeding Industry Standards

Inertia’s solution not only met but exceeded the industry standards set by Siemens. Our adaptable strategy ensured that each component, regardless of its unique production needs, was crafted to the highest quality, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in medical device prototyping.

<b>Conclusion:</b> Pioneering In Medical Device Prototyping With Inertia

This case study exemplifies Inertia’s unique position in the field of medical device prototyping. Our ability to employ a customized manufacturing process strategy, adapting to the specific needs of each component, establishes us as a trailblazer in the industry. For start-ups and established enterprises alike, Inertia stands as the go-to partner for innovative, high-quality, and efficient prototyping solutions.

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