Ruggedized Weather Station


Inertia (Internal)

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Market Research, Product-Market Fit, Industrial Design, User Experience, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Power, Controls, and Communications.

IoT Weather Station

This ruggedized, portable, solar powered, internet connected (IoT) weather station allows crop analytic service providers to monitor micro-climate data with ease. It’s built to withstand an onslaught of weather, all while providing accurate and highly localized measurements. These measurements include soil moisture, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, rainfall amount, and more – which help service providers and farmers improve their crop yield.

Inertia performed extensive research on the product environment, usability, and market needs, as well as developing the IoT technology (Internet of Things) architecture. Several low-fidelity concept prototypes were used to iteratively refine user experience and product performance.

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The Final Product

Concept Development In The Velocity Lab

Follow our journey from low fidelity mock-ups to high-fidelity functional prototypes.

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