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Can you relate to any of these challenges when it comes to creating new products, services, and revenue streams?

Our Product Innovation Programs

Innovation Foundations Sprint

$100K-300K   12-16 Weeks

Innovation Foundations Sprint

Our Innovation Foundations Sprint is the gateway to successfully delivering true innovation in your business. We join forces with your team to discover, develop, test, and de-risk product and service concepts before going through the massive effort, time, and expense of new product or service development.

The traditional approach to innovation is broken. Consultants delivering fancy inspirational PowerPoints may feel nice in the moment but their inspiration quickly wears off when the realities of execution settles in. We work alongside your teams, to combine their knowledge and experience with our systematic and methodical approach to innovation execution to discover, create, deploy, and embed innovative solutions into your business.

Developing innovative products and services first starts with identifying and validating real problems through a systematic approach and proven methods. Which problems are really worth solving? Who are we solving for and in what markets? How will you differentiate yourself from the competition? What is the full impact on your business? Not just profits, but also the impact on people, and on the planet?

Then we work with you to co-create the strategy and plan for innovation execution - with the intent of taking care of the heavy lifting of implementation to see it through to successful integration.

Phase 1: Discover

Problem, Customer, User, & Business Modeling (3-4 Weeks)

Problem &

Customer &

Service, & Technology


Phase 2: Validate

Build, Test, & Learn (6-8 Weeks)

& Establish KPIs




Phase 3: Define

Product, Resourcing, Product Development Plan, & Budget (3-4 Weeks)

Product /
Service Definition
Development Plan
Business Model

You Decide What’s Next

Corporate Startup Co-Lab


Corporate Startup Co-Lab

Our Start-Up Co-Lab program involves creating a new start-up businesses together. We are partners in every sense; in the creation, the operations, the risk, the investment, and the rewards.

The challenges you and your team face in bringing new products and services to fruition likely have very little to do with a lack of desire, ideas, or initiative. It is a well known fact that the organizational structure required to create "start-up-like" business innovations at speed is entirely at odds with how enterprise leaders need to operate their business on a day-to-day basis. This is the primary reason why many larger companies fail to successfully execute on their innovation agendas.

Partnering with Inertia to co-create a new business means you’ll join forces with a purpose-built, high-velocity, diversely skilled start-up team of strategists, designers, and engineers. But speed is useless without direction, which is why Inertia delivers peace of mind through governance like an enterprise organization. Our systematic methods, processes, and systems enable "Innovation Velocity" (speed & direction) and helps avoid the pitfalls that plague early stage start-up organizations.


outsource product development

Work with a one-stop partner like Inertia to take care of the heavy lifting of product and service design, product development, testing verification, and manufacturing launch. Don't worry, even though you're outsourcing the effort, you will always benefit by building your internal knowledge and intellectual property creation with our proven documentation, communication, and decision making methods that enable true collaboration. And once the product or service is launched we can transition everything over to your team for sustained management.

Build In-House


You've got this! If you have the internal capabilities, capacity, and buy-in from the top, then what are you waiting for? We can stay along-side in an advisory role to help to guide and support the process as needed. But be careful not to fall into the trap of asking your team to add just one more initiative to their list of to-do's. You have to be ready to dedicate a team whose sole focus is to bring this new product or service to life. If you are not able to secure a dedicated team then maybe our Outsource or Start-Up Co-Lab path is a better choice to achieve the results you're looking for.



Why re-invent what already exists? Acquisition can be a powerful tool to leap frog or absorb competitors. During our Discovery, we will have identified and analyzed the competitors and players in your field. A possible outcome of this analysis may be to accelerate your innovation by buying rather than building.

Affinity Vaults

Designing A New Way To Move

Modular storage cubes
As CEO and President of AMJ Campbell Van Lines, Bruce Bowser led the largest coast-to-coast moving company in Canada. In 2013, after seeing what Uber had done to disrupt the taxi business, Bruce was acutely aware that disruption in the moving business wasn’t far behind. At the heart of Bowser’s concept was the use of modular storage cubes that could be shipped like a parcel on any freight truck or train, instead of relying on filling a custom built moving trailer. This innovation alone could reduce the time it takes to move a client by up to 75%. In addition, giving the customer sole access to lock and unlock the cubes would prevent loss and vastly reduce the chance of cargo getting damaged. This is an example of Inertia’s “Start-up Co-Lab” program where Inertia participated as a business partner, co-investor, and on-going business operator – in addition to being responsible for the up front product design and manufacturing launch efforts.
Modular storage cubes

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