When Xometry, Fictiv, or ProtoLabs struggle with The intricate demands of Your Medical & Diagnostics device

Our plastics prototyping ‘sherpas’ will expertly guide you to find the right process for your technical and business needs

Crossing the prototype chasm

Building 1 or 2 prototypes is one thing. Building 25, 50, or 100 for clinical trials and demos that look and function like the production product - while balancing cashflow constraints - is entirely different. We can get you there.

High Fidelity Appearance & Function

Marketing, Sales, Tradeshows prototypes so good people will ask, "where can i buy this?" Functional prototypes robust and reliable enough to carry out clinical trials, verification and validation testing.

Custom Material Selection

Whether you need a biocompatible polymer or a sterilizable plastic, we guide you through selecting the perfect materials and refining your prototype production.

Precision Finishes, Decorations & Labeling

From biocompatible paints, to copper shield coatings, to pad printing, laser etching, or silk screening, we deliver the exact look and feel your prototype requires.

Unrivaled Customer Service

Xometry, Fictiv, Protolabs are all built for drag and drop quoting and ordering of simple parts, but let's face it, medical and diagnostics devices have uncommon complexity and requirements.

Design for (DFx) Manufacture, Assembly, & Test

Inertia's origins lie in product design and engineering so we can help assess and guide your designs towards successful transition from prototype into manufacture - keeping an eye on DFM, DFA, & DFT.

Case Study: Rapid Tooling Mastery for Medical Device Start-Up

Challenged to deliver 50 units for Siemens’ pre-market validation, our client faced prohibitive CNC costs and urethane casting that couldn’t meet quality expectations. Inertia stepped in with rapid tooling, cutting through cost and time constraints.

Our approach? Efficiently coordinating 130 unique components across 11 materials, utilizing 99 tools and 33 inspection fixtures through 11 manufacturing processes. The result was impressive:

  • First production part in just 6 weeks.
  • All 33,910 parts delivered within 12 weeks.

We provided a scalable solution that not only fit the start-up’s budget and timeframe but also satisfied Siemens’ stringent standards, demonstrating the power of precision rapid tooling in advancing medical innovation

Customer Testimonials:

Let’s Build The Future Together

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Unsure of the right mix of fabrication, finish, assembly & quality solutions for your prototype or pilot build? We've got you covered

Prototype Plastic Fabrication Methods

  • CNC machining of high-aesthetic (a-surface) plastics
  • Silicone mold / urethane casting
  • Plastic & Rubber Extrusion
  • Vacuum forming
  • Reaction Injection Molding
  • Rapid / Pilot Injection tooling
  • Master Unit Die (MUD) Injection Mold Tooling
  • Insert molding
  • Liquid Silicone Molding

Painting & Decorating of Plastic Prototypes

  • Painting
  • Pad printing
  • Laser engraving
  • In-mold decorating (IMD)
  • In-mold electronics (IME)
  • Silk-screening
  • Metal plating
  • Surface texturing
  • Copper painting for EMI shielding


  • Thread inserts
  • Kitting
  • Heat Staking
  • Sterilization
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • General assembly
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Laser Welding
  • Press Fitting or Interference Fit


  • Biocompatible materials manufacturing
  • RoHS compliant manufacturing services
  • REACh certified products and components
  • First Article Inspection
  • CMM & Specialty Inspection
  • PPAP quality process
  • Material Traceability


Why work with us?

Your dedicated Prototype “Sherpa” for Complex Prototypes

  • If you go to a CNC shop, they will only sell you CNC – but it might not be what’s best for your needs
  • As your prototyping Sherpa we’ll guide you through selecting the ideal processes, perfectly balancing your technical, customer, and business requirements with cash flow considerations.
  • Avoid the hassle and time lost juggling multiple vendors. Let us do the heavy lifting, ensuring you reach the summit with ease and receive all the acclaim.

World-Class Customer Service

  • We’re more than just professionals. At Inertia, we pride ourselves on not just our expertise in prototype & manufacturing techniques but also on the warmth and dedication of our team.
  • We are not only experts in our field, but we are also genuinely caring and enjoyable to work with.
  • Your journey is as important as the destination, and we ensure that every interaction with us is as rewarding as the outcomes we help you achieve.

Integrated Engineering & DFM Expertise

  • Inertia’s origins lie in product design and engineering so we can provide detailed DFM analyses.
  • We’ll help select the most appropriate materials and processes that consider your products functional, regulatory, and business needs.
  • Our integrated engineering expertise enables us to foresee potential challenges and innovate solutions that are not only technically sound but also commercially strategic.

Let’s Build The
Future Together

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