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Industrial Design, User Interface Design, Workflow Analysis, Risk Management per ISO 14971, Prototyping, Medical Device Verification and Validation, Mechanical Engineering, CAD Development, and Mechanical Component Manufacturing & Supply



Inertia collaborated with Dr. Dayo Olakulehinto to create a low-cost emergency use resuscitator called the VitaCaeli. Conventional mechanical ventilators can cost upwards of $30,000 each. In places where this is cost prohibitive, medical staff (and even loved ones) are often required to manually squeeze breathing bags for hours in order to resuscitate patients.

The VitaCaeli automates the process of manually squeezing a breathing bag, delivering controlled breaths consistently over time. This in turn releases medical staff to attend to other patient needs. The device requires little expertise to operate, is portable and easily deployable. VitaCaeli has a battery pack for continuous operation in power outages, disaster relief situations or in extremely remote locations.

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