Low-Floor BEV Delivery Truck


Unicell Ltd.

Services Provided:

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Body Surfacing, Mechanical Chassis Development, Kinematics Studies For Suspension Systems, Test Procedure Research, Validation Strategy, Functional Testing, Stability & Handling Testing.



Unicell approached us with a challenge to validate the stability of a new delivery truck prototype. More specifically, they wanted to know if their newest design could handle on-road driving, while demonstrating exceptional stability in real world scenarios.

Our team took this challenge, and validated the design to ensure there were no inherent flaws that could not be rectified by tuning the chassis and suspension. With no requirements to serve as a design guide, and no best-practice test procedures for trucks of this weight class and cab-forward architecture, Inertia researched and created a test plan to successfully evaluate the stability and handling capability of the vehicle.



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