Design Engineering – Formulating Unique
Ideas to Tough Problems

Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise

In today’s world, technological advances continue to be made in numerous industries. From consumer products to military defense to the medical field, it’s imperative that companies be able to find solutions to complex problems. This is where design engineering goes to work, formulating unique ideas to tough problems. While many engineering companies do this type of work, Inertia Engineering offers a variety of services that ensure products can go from ideas on a drawing board or computer screen to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

Product Design

One of the areas Inertia Engineering is best known for is product design. While it may sound like a simple part of design engineering, it is anything but that. Some of the most important aspects of product design include: –Concept sketches –CAD models –Patentability –Performance specifications –Product benchmarking Whether it’s a Formula 1 race car, baby stroller, boat, or other product, Inertia Engineering has used its experience and knowledge of various industries to create these and other products.

Market Research and Assessment

In addition to product design, there are other aspects of design engineering that are critical to the success of a product. One of these is market research and assessment, which enables designers and other personnel to properly evaluate the product and make changes as needed. Using Lean Product Development to drive the design process, engineers analyze the information and use it as they progress through the development phase. Some of the key points used in the market research and assessment stage include: –Risk assessments of both project and product –Development planning to determine timing and costs related to product release –Patent infringement searches and analysis –Case modeling and sensitivity analysis By using these and other techniques, it becomes much easier to stay focused on the goal while progressing through the product development cycle.

Product Engineering

To successfully complete any project, it takes many aspects of design engineering to see it through from start to finish. One of the strongest aspects of Inertia Engineering is that numerous steps are taken to ensure product development and engineering projects are successfully completed. To make this happen, Inertia uses such activities as:
–Calculations and simulations
–Supply chain evaluation
–Structural analysis
–Product testing and certification
No matter what types of design engineering services may be needed, Inertia Engineering has an experienced team of engineers and business specialists that understand how to make any project a success.

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