Challenges Of Product Innovation

Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise

In today’s world, people have more products from which to choose than ever before. Rapid advances in technology, along with new ideas and a willingness to try things that may have never been done have resulted in a number of products that make life easier in homes and businesses. However, what many consumers fail to realize are the many challenges of product innovation that go into the making of products big and small.

Market Research and Strategy

Before any product makes it to store shelves or on to the manufacturing floor, a tremendous amount of market research, strategy and planning go on behind the scenes. In order to make the best decisions, a number of activities are involved in this process including:

  • Product risk assessments
  • Product requirement briefs
  • Development planning including cost and timing of release

By using these and other tactics, Inertia can stay focused on a client’s goal while also asking the questions necessary to meet the challenges of product innovation.

Simulation and Analysis

To make sure everything goes smoothly at the moment of release, all products Inertia works with go through a number of advanced simulation techniques to allow for changes to be made or to better examine how well they function. Some of the most important simulation techniques used includes:

  • Vehicle dynamics simulation
  • Thermal analysis
  • Structural optimization
  • Mechanical dynamics simulation

What makes our techniques here at Inertia so effective is the ability to shorten product development cycles by concurrently designing, analyzing, and optimizing products, which results in lower development costs and a larger return on investment.


One of the biggest challenges of product innovation is actually having a working model available to see how well it functions. Using our in-house design engineers, Inertia not only builds cutting-edge prototypes of all shapes and sizes, but also offers product advisement on how improvements can be made without increasing costs or delaying product release. Some of our prototype services offered is:

  • 3D printed plastics and metals
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Software, controls, and power electronics
  • Vacuum and thermoforming

By learning how things can be done better in such an efficient manner, Inertia is able to help clients by feeding information immediately back into the design process. This allows for less downtime and quicker product release, which is the goal of everyone involved.

By meeting the challenges of product innovation head-on, Inertia is leading the way in twenty-first century product development and analysis.

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