Tailored Electronics Solutions For Product Innovators:

Fast-Track Your Prototype or Production Builds

We offer rapid assembly services for small-run prototype or production builds, including low-volume PCB assembly, device programming, and testing.

Maximize Efficiency with Intelligent Power Design

From wired and wireless battery-powered designs to inductive charging and Power over Ethernet, we manage power requirements of all scales – from high-powered industrial equipment to ultra-low power IoT devices.

Advanced Sensor Integration

With expertise in handling a vast array of sensor data, we enhance your product's ability to capture and process data, enabling it to seamlessly interact with the IoT-connected world.

Smart Interactions with IoT Connectivity

Embed advanced connectivity into your products with our IoT device design. We enable smart, connected functionality, opening new possibilities for user interaction and data gathering.

Compliance-Assured Design

Navigate the complex landscape of electronics regulations with ease. Our design process incorporates compliance from the outset, simplifying certification and speeding up your route to market.

Seamless Transition to Mass Manufacturing:

We conduct rigorous verification and validation testing at strategic points during the design process, ensuring that your electronics adhere to all regulatory requirements and are fully optimized for efficient mass manufacturing.

Customer Testimonials:

At the core of ‘La Chevre’, Nexus Robotics’ AI-driven weed-picking robot our electronics design team crafted a complex, high-capacity system for ‘La Chevre’, covering PCB design, power electronics, vision, lighting, propulsion systems, and robotic manipulators.

Seamlessly integrating with mechanical and industrial design, our solution provided continuous operation, learning abilities, and supported high-performance computing for this AI-powered autonomous weed picking robot.

Why Start-Ups teams and SME's Should Consider Using Our Industrial Design Services

As a Start-Up Founder or Team Member

Your primary focus may be on launching an MVP version of your product as soon as possible. However, working with an industrial designer in the early stages of product development can significantly enhance the desirability and feasibility of your product. As your industrial design consultant, we bring a unique perspective to your product concept to bridge the gap between technical functionality and design aesthetics. We understand how to optimize a design for manufacturability and sustainability. Additionally, our industrial designers are skilled in rapid prototype development, which allows you to test your product with your users and make improvements before mass production.

As A Product Manager

You likely face pressure to bring products to market quickly to stay competitive. One key aspect of this is determining which IP to commercialize. Our industrial product design team streamlines the research, design, prototyping, and testing of concepts with your customers, making the process efficient and seamless. You may also be tasked with keeping costs low while ensuring that the final product meets the needs and preferences of your target customers, which can be challenging. Our industrial designers help manage these costs upfront by incorporating manufacturability cost targets into the product design process. By designing for manufacturing, we can help you strike the right balance between cost and consumer satisfaction.

4 Ways To Get Started With Our Electronics Design Services

When it comes to the intricate world of electronics design, we offer four common entry points to our services. These paths are tailored to solve your unique challenges, providing customized solutions for your specific electronics design needs.

Design Language Workshop:

Are you looking to create a design language for a product in development? During this 2-day workshop, you’ll work with our product strategists and industrial product design experts to develop a unique, high-impact design language for your product. Listed below is an outline of the topics that will be covered in our workshop.

Research and Analysis:

Understanding the target audience, competitors, and industry trends in your product category.

Design System:

Organizing the design elements into a comprehensive design system that can be easily applied to different products and variations.

Design Principles:

Defining the core design principles that will guide the product’s aesthetic and functionality.


Creating physical prototypes to test and refine the design language before final production.

Design Elements:

Creating a set of design elements such as shape, form, materials, and colour that will be used consistently across the product line.

User Testing:

Testing the final product with the target audience to get feedback and make improvements.

 Electronics Design Assessment

Embark on your project with our in-depth electronics design assessment. We meticulously examine and enhance your existing designs for factors like cost, performance, manufacturability, and EMC compliance.

Rapid Prototyping and Testing

Transition swiftly from schematics to tangible product with our rapid prototyping and rigorous testing. Validate your concept, ensure market readiness, and mitigate risks before commencing full-scale production.

Full-Scale Electronics Design and Development

Comprehensive Electronics Design and Development

Entrust us with your complete electronics design journey. We handle everything from initial ideation, schematic design, PCB layout, BOM optimization, to final product development, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Analysis

Make sure your electronics design is optimized for production with our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis. We assess and optimize your design to guarantee a smooth, cost-effective transition to manufacturing.

Our Electronics Design Capabilities

PCB Design, Sourcing, and Testing

We offer a concise solution for your PCB needs, covering design, sourcing, and testing. Our services include intricate multi-layer designs, high-speed digital and wireless circuit design, using tools like Altium and OrCAD. Beyond the design phase, we handle component sourcing and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure optimal performance.

Low Power Designs for Demanding Environments

Ensure resilience with our low-power electronic designs. We engineer solutions to maintain optimal performance even in challenging environments, prioritizing energy efficiency and longevity. These designs are perfect for remote, mobile, or harsh operating conditions.

Wireless Design (ISM Band, Custom RF Circuitry)

Embrace the freedom of wireless with our specialized ISM band and custom RF circuit designs. We can integrate Bluetooth, WiFi, and other wireless solutions into your product, providing the convenience of connectivity without compromising security or performance.

Electronics Requirements Analysis

Our comprehensive evaluation services ensure your project’s success, covering everything from requirements analysis to ESD/RF analysis, including failure diagnostics and design reviews for robust test-readiness.

Complex Multi-layer PCB Layout (Altium, OrCAD)

Benefit from our proficiency in complex multi-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout. Utilizing industry-leading tools such as Altium and OrCAD, we design robust and reliable PCBs with controlled impedance, ensuring your electronics perform consistently at their peak.

Schematic Development

Altium and OrCAD design tools for schematic entry, BOM generation, PCB layout, and mechanical visualization.

Firmware Development

Work with us to develop robust firmware on an array of processors. Our team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of firmware creation, enabling us to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

Certification Support

FCC (U.S.) and Industry Canada Emissions Testing CE Marking for EU Market Compliance Hazardous Environment Certification Electrical Safety Compliance.

Peripheral Device Integration

We can integrate a wide array of peripheral devices into your electronic system. Our service simplifies your product development by handling the complex process of device integration.

Protocol Stack Implementation

Benefit from seamless connectivity with our protocol stack implementation services. Whether it’s WiFi, Ethernet, USB, or Bluetooth, we can embed the necessary protocols to enable your device to communicate effectively.

Analog, Digital, and RF Circuit Design

Leverage our extensive knowledge in creating and enhancing diverse circuits. Our proficiency spans from traditional analog designs to sophisticated digital and Radio Frequency (RF) circuitry, ensuring a wide range of capabilities to support your product needs.

Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)

Mitigate risks and enhance product reliability with our DFMEA services. We systematically identify potential failure modes and their effects on your product to devise effective countermeasures.

Let's Build The Future Together
We’re ready to develop and manufacture industry-first innovations that can change the world. Are you?

Let’s Build The
Future Together

We’re ready to develop and manufacture industry-first innovations that can change the world. Are you?