Navigate Complex Product Design With Our Mechanical Engineering Expertise

Accelerate Your Mechanical Design Timelines

Leverage our expertise in mechanical engineering principles, material science, and advanced CAD tools to accelerate your product development cycle. From drafting detailed mechanical drawings to fabricating rapid prototypes, we provide a robust suite of services to bring your concepts into the tangible realm.

Embed Our Expertise into Your Process

Enrich your design and manufacturing pipeline with our mechanical engineering capabilities. We adapt to your unique timelines, budgets, and technical specifications, streamlining product development. Collaborate with us for a seamless integration of expertise.

Fast-Track Validation with Advanced Prototyping & Testing

Transform concepts into tangible prototypes quickly, and validate design integrity under real-world conditions. Work with us to optimize design validation stages, minimize launch delays, and circumvent expensive post-launch changes."

Master the Manufacturing Transition

Master the Manufacturing Transition Lean on our expertise to navigate the shift from prototype to high-volume manufacturing. We tackle the intricacies of production logistics, removing potential roadblocks to ensure a smooth transition to the factory floor.

Maximize Assembly Efficiency with DFA Principles:

Enhance your product assembly with our mechanical engineering expertise. Utilizing Design for Assembly (DFA) principles, we reduce assembly time, cut costs, and uphold product quality. Transform assembly complexities into your competitive edge.

Embed Smart Technologies for Advanced Performance:

Unlock the potential of your product with the strategic incorporation of smart technologies. Through mechanical engineering, seamlessly integrate IoT, AI, and Machine Learning capabilities into your design.

Customer Testimonials:

Together, we’ve engineered five chair models as well as Wheelz, a line of custom wheels for various models.

Our multidisciplinary approach includes industrial design, rapid prototyping, mechanical engineering, CAD development, and user testing. We’ve also managed component manufacturing and supply. Each chair is designed with an array of adjustability options, meeting the unique needs of users and attendants.

Why Start-Ups teams and SME's Should Consider Using Our Industrial Design Services
As a Start-Up Founder or Team Member
Your primary focus may be on launching an MVP version of your product as soon as possible. However, working with an industrial designer in the early stages of product development can significantly enhance the desirability and feasibility of your product. As your industrial design consultant, we bring a unique perspective to your product concept to bridge the gap between technical functionality and design aesthetics. We understand how to optimize a design for manufacturability and sustainability. Additionally, our industrial designers are skilled in rapid prototype development, which allows you to test your product with your users and make improvements before mass production.
As A Product Manager
You likely face pressure to bring products to market quickly to stay competitive. One key aspect of this is determining which IP to commercialize. Our industrial product design team streamlines the research, design, prototyping, and testing of concepts with your customers, making the process efficient and seamless. You may also be tasked with keeping costs low while ensuring that the final product meets the needs and preferences of your target customers, which can be challenging. Our industrial designers help manage these costs upfront by incorporating manufacturability cost targets into the product design process. By designing for manufacturing, we can help you strike the right balance between cost and consumer satisfaction.

4 Ways To Get Started With Our Mechanical Design Services

In the nuanced field of mechanical engineering, below are four common starting points for mechanical engineering services. Each path is carefully designed to address your specific challenges, delivering specialized solutions for your particular mechanical engineering demands.

Design Language Workshop:

Are you looking to create a design language for a product in development? During this 2-day workshop, you’ll work with our product strategists and industrial product design experts to develop a unique, high-impact design language for your product. Listed below is an outline of the topics that will be covered in our workshop.

Research and Analysis:

Understanding the target audience, competitors, and industry trends in your product category.

Design System:

Organizing the design elements into a comprehensive design system that can be easily applied to different products and variations.

Design Principles:

Defining the core design principles that will guide the product’s aesthetic and functionality.


Creating physical prototypes to test and refine the design language before final production.

Design Elements:

Creating a set of design elements such as shape, form, materials, and colour that will be used consistently across the product line.

User Testing:

Testing the final product with the target audience to get feedback and make improvements.

Initial Consultation & Project Scoping

We kick off our partnership with a detailed consultation to understand your product requirements and establish the project scope. This allows us to offer bespoke mechanical engineering solutions that best meet your needs.

Design Review & Viability Assessment

Our engineers meticulously examine your initial designs, applying robust technical acumen to identify and address any underlying design issues. Leveraging our expertise, we perform a rigorous viability assessment, evaluating every detail to ensure your concept is not only feasible but primed for a smooth transition into the development phase.

Prototype & Testing

Take advantage of our rapid prototyping and comprehensive testing services to validate your product design early in the development process. This early validation reduces time to market and avoids costly late-stage modifications.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Transition

Partner with us to facilitate a smooth transition from design to mass production. We meticulously optimize your product design for manufacturability, mitigating potential production hiccups and helping to achieve cost-effectiveness and product durability.

Our Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

Mechanical Design and Drafting

Shape your ideas into tangible product designs with our precise drafting services. We create robust and effective designs that seamlessly transition from concept to production.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Mitigate risks and optimize product performance through our advanced FEA services. We accurately model and predict your product’s response to real-world forces, stress, and vibration.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Predict fluid flow behavior and its impact on your product using our CFD analysis. Gain insights into thermal characteristics and fluid-structure interactions to improve product safety and performance.

Design for Testing (DFT)

Facilitate efficient and effective product testing with our DFT methodology. We design your products to be easily testable, ensuring quality, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Ensure efficient, cost-effective manufacturing with our DFM services. We design your product to be easily and affordably manufacturable without compromising quality or functionality.

Design for Assembly (DFA)

Simplify and streamline product assembly with our DFA approach. We design your product components for easy assembly, reducing production costs and improving product reliability.

Process Engineering & Optimization

Boost your production efficiency and reduce waste with our process engineering services. We analyze and optimize your manufacturing processes for maximal output and minimal resource usage.

Tolerance Analysis

Minimize manufacturing variations and improve product quality with our tolerance analysis. We define optimal tolerance levels for your product components to ensure consistent performance and fit.

Material Selection and Analysis

Optimize product performance and longevity with our material selection and analysis. We help you choose the right materials that balance cost, performance, and manufacturing considerations.

Equipment Design & Layout

Design and optimize your industrial equipment for operational efficiency and safety. We consider workflow, ergonomics, and maintenance accessibility in our equipment design services.

Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)

Mitigate risks and enhance product reliability with our DFMEA services. We systematically identify potential failure modes and their effects on your product to devise effective countermeasures.

Thermal Analysis

Predict and manage thermal effects on your product design. Our thermal analysis ensures your product can withstand varied thermal conditions, enhancing reliability and performance.

Mechanical Systems Integration

Seamlessly integrate complex mechanical systems into your product design. We ensure all system components work together flawlessly, enhancing product performance and user experience.

Rapid Prototyping

Accelerate your product development with our rapid prototyping services. Validate your designs quickly and efficiently, making adjustments before committing to full-scale production.

3D Modeling and Simulation

Visualize and analyze your product designs with our 3D modeling and simulation services. Uncover potential design flaws or performance enhancements early in the development process.

Product Lifecycle Management

Maximize your product’s value and longevity with our lifecycle management services. We support your product from design through disposal, optimizing for cost, performance, and sustainability at each stage.

Let's Build The Future Together
We’re ready to develop and manufacture industry-first innovations that can change the world. Are you?

Let’s Build The
Future Together

We’re ready to develop and manufacture industry-first innovations that can change the world. Are you?