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Our Microfactory Services

Inertia’s Toronto-based AI-enabled microfactory services offer scalable, flexible manufacturing assembly services to deliver high-quality, market-ready products in small quantities at a faster rate than traditional contract manufacturing solutions.

For nearly 20 years, we have been the go-to partner for start-ups and SMEs looking to get their product to market quickly. Our flexible modular manufacturing facility is capable of assembling a wide range of small form-factor products that incorporate mechanisms, electronics, and batteries, including advanced sensors and IoT devices.

Manage Your Manufacturing Closer to Home.


Reduce your lead time from months to weeks and eliminate the unknowns of global logistics.

Bye Bye to
High MOQ’s

Spend your working capital to fund your business growth, not your inventory.

Simplify Your
Supply Chain

Let our experts manage the supply chain logistics for you.

Quality Control

Improved quality inspection at speeds and costs beyond human capabilities.

Your Growth

Faster production at right-sized quantities allows you to hold less inventory and increase cash flow.

Automated Assembly

Rapid-reconfigured, AI-enabled guided automation reduces the reliance on labour to deliver consistent quality while remaining cost competitive.

Our Microfactory Industry Partners

Using Inertia's local microfactory enabled us to get our first batch of sensors out of the lab and onto the market at a fraction of the time it would have taken to set up a large volume run, shipped from elsewhere. Their engineering team also helped refine our process to improve manufacturability for future production

Norman Zhou

Co-Founder, AquaSensing

We needed a partner who could design, manufacture, and supply-manage our smart lock hardware product so that our team could focus on developing our core services and IP, which is access control and encryption software. The Inertia team certainly delivered on the hardware, which helped us focus on our core and scale our business. Inertia continues to be a key partner in our growth and success.

David Coode

CEO, Sera 4

Being a first-time entrepreneur, the Inertia team fully immersed me in their product development experience and made me feel in total control of my product's destiny – providing exceptional support required to get the work done right and on time. They shared with me all their knowledge and understanding of the technical, regulatory, and commercial landscape which empowered me to make the best decisions for my product and my customers. Their transparency, communication, and collaboration are head and shoulders above anything I've ever experienced.

Dayo Olakulehin MD

CEO, Ligand Innovation Global

The next growing season waits for no one. That's why we partnered with Inertia to be our turn-key hardware engineering and manufacturing team. In six short months they delivered a clean-sheet engineered design for our autonomous weed-picking vehicle – mechanicals, bodywork, electronic power & control systems. In just three more months, they delivered all the custom and off-the-shelf components required to build the first pilot fleet. We could not have innovated this fast without them.

Luc Labbé

CEO, Nexus Robotics

We needed a company to work with us on the development of a novel medical device in record time, while in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inertia was an excellent partner. They stepped up to meet this challenge and we were able to successfully complete the project. Together, we have directly improved the lives of patients around the world.

Neil Godara

Vice President & GM, Baylis Medical

Not only did they design a beautiful vertical grow garden that looks like it actually belongs in your home, they helped to increase our gross profit margins and rapidly scale our manufacturing capacity to meet our growing customer demand.

Conner Tidd

Founder & CEO, Just Vertical

From the early stages of the project, we were driven by ambitious timelines with a fail-fast mentality. Countless rapid iterations based on user feedback ultimately produced a persuasive prototype. From there, we needed a high-quality product and short time-to-market. We were demanding at every stage of the project. The Inertia team delivered in lockstep. They were smart, poised, and solution-oriented even when faced with seemingly impossible requirements. I really enjoyed working with them. It felt like we were one team. Our partnership with Inertia was critical to our success.

Garry Liu

Cofounder & CEO, Innovere Medical Inc.

Why Start-Ups and SMEs Should Consider Inertia’s
Microfactory Solutions

Reshore Existing Manufacturing Programs

Microfactory services are critical in reshoring manufacturing back to Canada and North America. By producing goods locally, companies can cut down supply chain costs, improve product quality, reduce damage risk, and lower time-to-market. Other benefits can include tax incentives, reduced inventories, access to skilled workers and better protection of intellectual property.

Drive A New Wave of Innovation through Automation

By utilizing automation instead of relying on expensive human labour, our microfactory services allow businesses to ensure product quality and consistency without sacrificing output efficiency. Microfactory solutions effectively make manufacturing more readily available and accessible to start-ups and SMEs.

Right-shore Portions of Current Manufacturing

Sometimes re-shoring all manufacturing and production can be too difficult and costly. A right-shoring strategy enables businesses to locate select manufacturing operations in places that provide the best combination of cost and efficiency.

Right-shoring allows you to optimize your manufacturing locations to take advantage of varied costs, time, resources and overall margin performance worldwide.

Let Inertia’s Microfactory Solutions
Bring Speed, Flexibility & Visibility
To Your Product Assembly

Design for Automation
and Assembly

Design your product with a team of experienced engineers to enable the utilization of robotics and automated assembly processes.

Production Run

Begin with a low-volume production run to get your product into the market faster, and make changes if needed before scaling up to higher production levels.

AI-Enabled Automated
Product Testing

Utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform key product quality and performance testing, including feature detection, defect / anomaly detection, cycle testing, battery testing, and more.

Enhanced Product

Track your productions, facilitate compliance and improve processes through labelling, scanning, serialization, binding, and imaging.

Microfactory Project Profile

AquaSensing’s Leak Sensor is a low-cost, user-friendly, battery-free, environmentally-friendly IoT leak detection solution designed to remain operational for 20+ years without any maintenance.

The initial, small-volume run enabled AquaSensing to quickly ship high-quality demo units for early marketing and sales to stimulate investor interest.


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