Product Manufacturing

Where We Build Your Market-Ready Product With Uncompromising Quality At Scale

Develop your manufacturing & supply strategy - product BOM cost, tariffs, tooling investment budgets, & lead-times.

Develop product and process quality systems to set the standard for what is acceptable.

Move through tooling build, pilot trials, and process validation swiftly and effortlessly.

Off-load your sourcing, logistics, and on-going supply management to a team of experienced experts.

Let’s Build The Product At Scale

Innovation is only truly realized through the sustained use of a new product – so it should come as no surprise that we believe innovation doesn’t stop at product design and engineering. Without a doubt, manufacturing is the crucial last mile in product innovation.

For most product development companies, manufacturing is something that “comes later” and is something that “someone else” does. Not at Inertia.

We’ve embedded our manufacturing team into every aspect of our product development process. Why? Because it’s what’s needed to successfully design a commercially viable product at scale. Over 70% of a product’s cost is locked in during the design phase, which is why you must design for manufacturability early. Waiting to figure out your cost of goods until the design is “done” is extremely risky and never ends well.

Get Manufacturing Right
The First Time

You can’t talk about manufacturing without talking about quality. Manufacturing your products right the first time requires meticulous up-front planning and a systematic, highly-choreographed approach.

Our in-house manufacturing and product quality team hand pick and personally manage each of our manufacturing partners specifically to meet the needs of your company’s product type and volume, the needs of your industry, and the needs of your business situation.

Working with Inertia, you can expect outstanding planning, management, and communication. We are here to help do the heavy lifting for you. With our extreme collaboration and transparency practices you will have a level of understanding and insight as though you were doing the work yourself.

Seamless Integration = Extreme Speed-To-Market

Product Strategy

Product Development

Product Manufacturing

Our company’s Product Manufacturing program is the third in a sequence of three seamlessly integrated programs we offer to our clients.

Coordinating and delivering all three stages under one roof is Inertia’s clear differentiator. Clients who work with us throughout, enjoy the advantages of extreme speed-to-market and avoid many of the problems that come with a more piecemeal approach to product development and manufacturing.  

Product Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Strategy

Our experts develop strategies that will allow your product to continue to grow within the market – at scale. This includes long term profitability planning, staffing considerations, and future capital investment needs.

Strategic Sourcing

Our team’s integrated, end-to-end process allows us to source and build a resilient supply chain locally, or off-shore, for your product. This results in a high quality product being delivered to market faster than your competition.

Production Validation

Our validation experts identify the necessary certifications required for your product to seamlessly enter the market. This includes simple material certifications for pilot prototypes, to full installation, operation, and performance qualifications required for mass production.

Pilot & Low Volume Manufacturing

Our team helps bridge the gap between prototype and mass production – providing end-to-end support for low volume and pilot testing. This allows you to test the quality of your product’s manufacturing process before moving to mass production.

Post-Launch Support

When your product goes to market, our Sales & Operations team offers continual support – helping you plan for future capital needs, reduce costs, and continually increase profit margins. Why? Because our team cares as much as you do about seeing your product succeed.

Quality Planning and Management

We develop quality policies and procedures that guarantee reliability, consistency, and durability of your product as it moves into mass production. It’s a vital step that ensures every product a customer receives meets the same standard.

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Our Portfolio

Can you assist with design optimization for manufacturing?

Yes, our team of experienced engineers and designers can help optimize your product design for manufacturing. We analyze designs for manufacturability to identify potential cost savings, efficiency improvements, and quality enhancements.

What quality control measures do you have in place during manufacturing?

Quality control is a top priority at Inertia Product Development. We implement rigorous inspection processes at every stage of manufacturing to ensure adherence to specifications, standards, and regulatory requirements. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products that meet or exceed client expectations.

How do you handle intellectual property and confidentiality?

We take intellectual property protection and confidentiality seriously. Our team adheres to strict confidentiality agreements, and we prioritize safeguarding our clients’ proprietary information throughout the manufacturing process. We can discuss additional measures tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

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Let’s Build The
Future Together

We’re ready to develop and manufacture industry-first innovations that can change the world. Are you?