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Product Innovation Strategy


Product Innovation Strategy

  • Systematically develop products that you know will truly bring value and create desire by customers before going through all the time and expense of product development and manufacturing launch.
  • Develop innovative products with a profitable business model from day one.
  • Build a strong product & intellectual property portfolio, grow your business quickly, to position your business for sale or succession.
  • Build fully managed, competitive, robust manufacturing supply chains that will deliver more profit with less hassle.
  • Our Product Innovation Strategy Program will help set your business up on course for long-term success.

On-Demand Outsourced Team

$20K - 100K / Month

On-Demand Outsourced Team

  • Plug-and-play senior product, project, and team management expertly guides your innovation program, giving you the "chief engineer" experience without having to actually do the work.
  • Super-charge your innovation capacity and grow your business faster than you ever though possible by reducing product introduction cycles from more than five years for one product to multiple product launches per year.
  • Gain access to a diverse team of extremely talented and experienced product strategists, designers, and engineers whose sole focus is on bringing innovations to life - making you and your company further stand out as an industry-leading brand.
  • Enjoy the stress-free experience of working with a team of A+ humans who care about you, your business, doing great work together, and having some fun along the way.
  • Build and retain subject matter knowledge and management methods without worrying it is being kept "outside". We believe that you should benefit from the knowledge we co-create, and not just receive the results.

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