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Design Review


Design review

  • During your design review, we’ll review the current state of your design and provide feedback, point out areas of concern and make suggestions on improvements.
  • Conducting your design review before prototyping will save you a significant amount of time and money before you actually invest in creating new prototypes.
  • We provide design reviews for conceptual or detailed designs which can include schematics, layout, mechanical, software, and firmware designs.
  • In our experience, start-up teams that engage us in the design review process enjoy lower development costs, enhanced innovation along with decreased time to market and improvements in design for manufacturability.

Prototype Development


prototype development

  • When developing a product, it’s important to deploy the most appropriate prototyping method at the right time during the product development process.
  • As a turn-key product development solution provider, Inertia has your goals in mind, working with you to select prototype methods and materials that will closely align with your project needs at each phase of development.
  • The combination of our team of in-house designers and offshore prototype partners can deliver your prototypes with lightning speed while still being competitively priced.
  • If your focus is speed to market and return on investment, there is no better full service prototype provider on the market.

Manufacturing Readiness


Manufacturing Readiness

  • Our Manufacturing Readiness program enables you to assess the readiness of your product's technology, component, and system design from a manufacturing perspective.
  • Our goal is to provide decision makers on your team with a common understanding of the relative maturity and risks associated with manufacturing technologies, products, and processes being considered.
  • Your manufacturing risk identification and management must begin at the earliest stages of product development, and continue vigorously throughout each stage of your product development journey.
  • We evaluate and report on your manufacturing readiness based on the following criteria: Technology, Design, Materials, Costs, Process Capability, Quality Management, On-The Ground Manufacturing Personnel, and Manufacturing Facilities.

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