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If you’re a CleanTech trailblazer looking for high performance product innovation, development, and manufacturing, we’re here to help. Inertia is your go to partner to expertly guide you through every stage of your product development journey.

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Our process for creating breakthrough CleanTech innovations has been designed to remove roadblocks and accelerate your time to market, all without sacrificing product quality or innovation.

At every stage, our expert team builds upon user, customer, market, and business needs for a more flawless and efficient execution of your vision.

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Groundbreaking Cleantech innovations that deliver the the kind of value that sets your product and business apart.

Product Innovation Spotlight

Circular Shower

Still in development, Inertia is working with Rainstick to create a research and development test rig in order to prove the underlying technology involved in building and implementing a circular shower system. The purpose of a circular shower is to drastically reduce water consumption, while preserving the premium feel that a traditional “high-flow and high-pressure” shower provides. It accomplishes this by capturing the water that travels down the drain, filtering it, disinfecting it, reheating it, and sending it back out of the shower head. The user can choose when to start this cycle with the push of a pedal.

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